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Qn1. For each of the items (i) – (x) choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number.
(i) The mode of nutrition were one partner is harmed is called:

A. Parasitism
B. Commensalism
C. Symbiosis
D. Mutualism ( )

(ii) The locomotory structure of paramecium is:

A. Pseudopodia
B. Cilia
C. Flagella
D. Legs ( )

(iii) The structure in human that provide balance are located in the:

A. Outer ear
B. Eustachian tube
C. Inner ear
D. Middle ear ( )

(iv) It is internationally accepted that the father of genetics is:

A. Johanson
B. Charles Erasmus Darwin
C. T.H Morgan
D. Gregory Mendele

(v) The components of central nervous system are:

A. The spinal cord and the brain
B. Spinal nerve and spinal chord
C. Sense Organs and the spinal nerves.
D. Cranial and spinal nerves.

(vi) Beta cells found in islets of langerhan located in the pancreas secretes:

A. Insulin hormone
B. Anti- Diuretic Hormone (ADH)
C. Thyroxin hormone
D. Glucagon hormone

(vii) Ectopic pregnancy in most cases takes place in the:

A. Oviduct
B. Uterus
C. Ovaries
D. Fallopian funnel.

(viii) Which of the following structures carries hereditary material:

A. Cytoplasm
B. Nucleus
C. Ribosome’s
D. Golgi bodies ( )

(ix) Among the following list contain the symptoms of malaria:

A. Anemia, cold, diarrhea
B. Vomiting, dizziness, periodic fever.
C. Shivering dizziness loss of weight
D. Diarrhea, vomiting and coughing.

(x) In Biology experiments are used to test for:- 

A. Facts
B. Hypothesis
C. Theories
D. Problems
E. Laws

(xi) Lichens are associations of :-

A. Bryophytes and pteridophytes
B. Algae and Monera
C. Fungi and Plants
D. Fungi and Monera
E. Algae and Fungi.

(xii) Spitting, coughing and sneezing into a tissue paper are considered as:-

A. Risk behavior of spreading diseases
B. Waste disposal method
C. Good manners
D. A way of killing pathogens
E. Environmental pollution

  1. (a) What is gaseous exchange?
    (b)It is possible to breath by using both the mouth and the nose simultaneously or one of them at a time but one passage is the best.
          1. Which passage is best for breathing?
          2. Give the reason for your answer in 1(b)(i) above.
      1. Differentiate between breathing and gaseous exchange.
      1. (a) Distinguish between the terms “growth” and “development”
        (b) (I) List the environmental conditions that are necessary for germination to take place
              1. Explain why the factors 2(a) are necessary
      1. In an Experiment a variety of garden peas having a smooth seed coat was crossed with a variety having wrinkled seed coat. All the seed obtained in the F1 had a smooth seed coat. The F1 generation was selfed. The total number in F2 was 12,000. Let the gene for smooth seed coat be S.
          1. State the Mendelian first and second LAWS of inheritance.
          2. Work out the genotypes for the F1
          3. Work out the following for the F2
              1. Genotype.
              2. Phenotype.
              3. Genotypic ratio.
          4. Calculate the total number of of the
              1. Wrinkled seed in F2
              2. smooth seed in F2
        1. (a) What do you understand about drug and drug abuse?
          (b) Explain the effect of drug abuse in relation to nervous coordination.
          (c) How will you discourage and eradicate drug abuse in Tanzania. Explain
        2. (a) Using your knowledge of how the kidney functions, explain why in hot weather humans produce more sweat and a smaller volume of darker colored urine while in cold weather humans produce more urine and of pale color

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